Hi, my name is Jo Maria Vernon (Ngāti Pūkenga, Waitaha, Ngāti Hourua,Tainui)

Yoga teacher, Reflexologist, and Sole Healer, I am passionate about sharing the beautiful healing modalities of yoga and reflexology with you, and supporting you to heal your body, mind and spirit from the inside out, to discover and reconnect to your true and authentic self.

Never before have we been so ‘busy’.  Our bodies and minds are overloaded, leading to stress, dis-ease, dis-harmony and imbalance in our lives.

Many of you, I know, are overburdened, overtired and over it. 

Peace, quietude, stillness and time to just be, seem to be hard things to come by these days.

I am committed to giving you a little of that back, time just for you.  Time to connect with your self and your body through the practices of yoga,  and time to relax and rejuvenate with reflexology.

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years and teaching for 8 years. I am a certified yoga teacher, kids yoga teacher, and pregnancy yoga teacher.  A certified reflexologist, and level two Aura-Soma practitioner. 

I’m also passionate about the Yoga Education In Prisons Trust for which I am course coordinator for the Freedom from Within 6 month yoga studies course, and guide and mentor for North Island participants in the course.  You can find out more about YEPT here…..  ps I would love it if you could donate, YEPT relies wholly on donation from individuals and funders to provide free Yoga and Meditation for prisoners in New Zealand.

I think the reason I became so interested in health and wellbeing is that I experienced a number of major illnesses in my life and spent until my early 30’s struggling to maintain good health.  I’ve had hepatitis, tuberculosis, kidney disease, and a few more to boot.

Sometimes I wonder how I’m still here!  and I have a good giggle when I have to fill out medical forms, I know some of you will relate.

There’s a few bits of me missing, but you know the body is a wonderous thing, it is self healing, and we can heal ourselves with a bit of help and support.  Sure I can’t grow my kidney back (hmmm or can I?, I do believe in the power of positive thought), but I  can be as healthy as I can be by taking good care of myself and keeping up the practice of good self care.

There’s no change without change, nothing is an overnight cure, there are no quick fixes, just slow and steady wins the race.  But sometimes, we hit upon that magical blend of modalities, treatments, and mind/body healing techniques that take us from Woo Women to Wow Mama!  And that is what I want for you.

Yoga healed me, it made my body strong and healthy, helped me to become mentally and emotionally resilient, able to walk the middle path, to have equilibrium and balance mentally, physically and spiritually.

Reflexology, well I could just wax lyrical for hours about this amazing healing system, it really works, and is a wonderful way to bring the body to a state of harmony and balance.

These are the tools I used to heal myself, and I would love to share them with you.

Come to be nourished, for deep relaxation and peace.

Come for healing, for happiness, for balance and harmony. 

I look forward to seeing you soon.

  “Every act of the body is an act of the soul” – William Alfred

Contact details

Hutt Yoga

Yoga Classes are held at:

Stokes Valley Uniting Church Hall

346 Stokes Valley Rd Stokes Valley Lower Hutt

Phone: +64 4 563 5901  027 206 8883
Email: [email protected]

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